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Hello Bitcointalk!

We're excited to announce WCX, a new crypto exchange set to launch on 10.10.17.

Refer friends and earn WCXT. For every friend that joins, you get 50 WCXT + 5% of the WCXT they buy, and they get 15% referral bonus on the WCXT they buy. Get your unique referral link at

Buy WCXT (Presale) and get 15% discount here. The presale is available for a limited time and ends when the allocated tokens are sold.

Join the WCX Private Beta Program here to be the first to use WCX. The 5,000 spots made available have been filled and new applicants will be added to the waiting list.


What sets WCX apart?

- Tiny Fees. Up to 10 times cheaper than what's already out there. And if you're a market maker (a trader who places limit orders on the book), you're paid, instead of charged, when your orders are filled.
- Team. Comes from Apple, IBM, Deutsche Bank, and has a lot of experience building scalable services.
- Security. 98% of funds in cold storage. Segregated server infrastructure. Deep security expertise on the team.
- Scalability. A trading engine built by Wall Street veterans. Field tested for years. Relays 1M+ transactions, no pressure.
- Global. Trading is open to people around the world.
- Revenue sharing. Share in the profit the exchange makes (see below).
- And more on

Revenue Sharing with WCX Tokens (WCXT)

To allow early customers to participate in the exchange's success, we're issuing WCX tokens (WCXT) in an ICO set for Oct 31, 2017. WCXT holders are paid a portion of the revenue WCX makes through fees, in amounts equivalent to each holder's share of the total amount of tokens.

Since WCX collects fees and pays out token holders in all sorts of digital currencies, holding WCXT is equivalent to holding an income portfolio of diverse digital currencies.

To be clear: WCX is not a decentralized exchange. Decentralizing user wallets is on our roadmap, though. WCXT are ERC20 (Ethereum blockchain).

Sign Up Promotion

For a limited time: Earn 50 WCXT ($5) for free when you sign up at

Content Promotion

For a limited time, get paid in WCXT when you publish high quality material about WCX on your blog, website, Youtube channel, or email list. Now accepting all languages.

See more details and sign up here.

New! WCX Job Openings

WCX is hiring experienced community managers and customer support managers in 9 different languages. Think you qualify? Submit your application here.


Thanks to our translators, WCX is now available in 37 languages!

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Answer Wikis & FAQs

– The WCX Team